Dr. Rob Rosenthal

Test Preparation

My Background

My education, research, and experience as a tutor have enabled me to excel at working with students with a broad range of learning styles. I taught for the Princeton Review while I lived in Hong Kong, and have been a private tutor since 2003. I continued tutoring as I pursued my doctorate in clinical psychology at University of Denver, and wrote my doctoral paper about effective ways to tutor students with ADHD for the SAT. I provide test preparation for the SAT, ACT, and GRE.



Tutoring tends to be most effective when we meet at least 10 times, though the number of sessions is tailored to the student's needs. We should aim to meet weekly, beginning at least 10 weeks before the date of the student’s first test. Consistency of attendance is important to ensure the best outcome. I recommend that the student take the SAT and ACT within a month of one another, as much of the preparation for one test also prepares the student for the other test. There will be approximately 3 hours of homework per week.


During the first few weeks, we will focus on test-taking techniques and strategies, as well as a review of math, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills. During the last month of tutoring, the student is expected to take one uninterrupted full-length practice test per week. We will then evaluate the student's performance on the practice tests and review relevant material. The student should take at least three practice tests prior to each actual test.

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